Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Historic Depot in Blaine

Last Saturday was a somewhat rare sunny day for June in Bellingham. I took a WTA bus up to Blaine and then bicycled back to Bellingham.

I've been reading about efforts to preserve the old railroad depot in Blaine. There were plans to move it to Blaine Harbor and use it as a ferry terminal, but those efforts have run into a few snags. Just leaving it where it is looks reasonable to me, except I read that BNSF Railroad wants to expand their tracks where it's at and has plans to tear it down.

I'm wondering if they could expand the track to the west, rather than through where the depot is now? Preserve the depot where it's at?

Peace Portal Drive is the main drag through town, right behind where the depot is now. They've done a good job developing plazas along the street. Couldn't a walkway connect the old depot area to businesses along Peace Portal which are right behind it? Couldn't some use be found where it's at? Seems like a lot of trouble to move the depot.

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