Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kerry; Flip Flop or Flexibility

Presidential Candidate John Kerry gets a lot of flack for, supposedly, being a flip flop on issues. In other words, occasionally modifying, or updating his position.

Flip flop, or flexibility?

If Bill Gates never changed his tune, wouldn't we still be using the early versions of DOS?

Kerry defends himself, saying he really isn't a flip flopper.

Isn't that letting the Bush people set the agenda? Who invented the concept that changing one's position, every once in a while, is necessarily bad? Even a military strategist will realize that plans evolve as circumstances change.

Is this flip flop or flexibility?

Kerry does get a lot of flack for flip flop, but maybe he can say, "Flexibility." All these words do start with an "F."

Some people might think I am just trying to put a good spin on a dangerous thing.

I still have to ask, "who ever said one must always be rigid?" "Isn't it good to turn the wheel when one is headed straight into a brick wall?" Even for the sake of our nation's defense, flexibility can be an asset.

What kind of building withstands an earthquake? Rigid brick or flexible steel?

Bush probably would say, "that's an irrelevant question."

I would ask, "why is that irrelevant?" Who are we allowing to set the agenda for discussion?

Maybe flip flop isn't the end of the world. To put a better spin on this, call it flexibility.

Of course none of the candidates has hired me as a consultant.

No wonder we get politics as usual.

I still vote for Kerry, but we really do need new paradigms for the discussion.

Yes, I am a little tired of hearing Kerry and Bush keep regurgitating that Vietnam War as a campaign issue.

Defending the homeland is important, but who said flexibility, in strategy, is bad?

Maybe Fundamentalists!

Aren't we trying to prevent fanatical fundamentalists from harming us? Why do we let them set the agenda?

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