Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I'm creating a Pearl Tree mind map of my agenda

I have found a tool on the web for creating a mind map of one's ideas. Actually I learned about it from a friend. I've been arraigning some of my posts, from Facebook and my blog, into a hierarchical tree by topic. Its a good way to see where one's various posts fit into their worldview. One can construct a political addenda, mind map or what ever. Can map other kinds of things as well. For instance, knowledge trees, family photos by branch of the family, travel stories and so forth. A good way to archive. Can make more sense than just the sequential stream of Facebook posts.

My hierarchy of posts on Pearl Trees

Above: Image of a tree about myself that I drew in my college years. Later modified.

Below: Original image of that tree. Done in pen and paper, 1970s.