Monday, January 03, 2005

Labyrinth Walk In The Pentagon?

A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was in Washington, DC.

There was an open house at the Pentagon.

I walked into a lobby filled with red, white and blue balloons.

It was sort of like a labyrinth walk.

First I decided to walk straight to the courtyard in the center of the building.

As I peered out onto a cobble stoned court, I wondered, "how far into the Pentagon did that jet penetrate on 911?" It didn't make it all the way to the center court.

Just then, I heard people talking and giggling. They were rhetorically asking, "are we a target because we are in the Pentagon, or are we safer because the Pentagon is wrapped around us?" I marveled at how light hearted they were discussing these topics. Everything was so relaxed.

Then I decided to walk back out to the lobby again.

Back at the reception lobby, I decided to turn left and walk the outer hallway around the perimeter of the building. Wondered how far I would get before a security gate, or barrier stopped me.

Hallway was like some concourse at a shopping mall only lined with offices, instead of shops.

I made it all the way around and back to the lobby.

Thought, "what a public relations stunt for the Bush administration." Top White House and military officials were standing around with smiles on their faces as if to say, "the doors are open, we're not afraid anymore, we've won the war on terror."

Walking back out into the parking lot I thought, "Interesting to get a chance to see the Pentagon that way, but I sort of regret that I am out of time." "Kind of wish I had gone, instead, to NASA's Air and Space exhibits at the Smithsonian.

Then I woke up.

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