Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gay Environmentalism

I did a Google search with quotes and only two things came up!

One would think this should be an obvious connection. Over population partially the result of "family values" being pushed down everyone's throat.

Environmentalism should go beyond just saving some wetland or sitting in front of a logging truck. As population, in Washington State, increased around 20% in the last decade, that means 20% more houses, jobs, everything just to tread water.

Much of that population is migration to the state, but too many people are being born, somewhere.

Also, things are going to have to change for a sustainable future. Smaller lot sizes in housing, more people living in apartments and condominiums. Mass transit, bicycles.

They say alternative transportation is more likely to be used in dense urban environments; like Seattle's Capital Hill district.

Capital Hill also happens to be called the "gay ghetto."

Are people of gay lifestyles better adapted to living in close quarters? Treading lightly on mother nature?

One might not think that walking around on Capital Hill. A lot of SUV's are tucked away in parking garages. On the surface, it seems like there is a shallow and consumerism side of gay culture as well.

Couch potatoes spending all their time at department stores trying on mascara.

There is a disconnect here. A missed opportunity.

One would think more gay people would embrace the outdoors and bicycling lifestyles.

It helps one's figure.

At the same time one would think environmentalists would be pushing for gay rights; population reduction.

If these two social movements would come together, wonderful things could happen.

Part of the problem is, "compartmental thinking."

Here's for child free, car free living.

Gay agenda?

There really isn't one, but maybe there should be. I doubt most gay people would buy the entire thing. In reality, there are about as many gay agendas as there are gay people. We do need an agenda for lower carbon footprint living. Some of that may appear to be like a gay agenda of sorts.

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Lily said...

Interesting comments! Good points about family 'values' and population. It seems that birth control etc. is of extreme importance right now given the global envronmental crises. I wish the US would stop this "abstinence only" crusade, its a joke, and its yet another version of the hypocrisy of "values". Its easy to talk about values when they are so convinced that THEIRS are the only ones with validity!
I am pretty new to blogging, and have a blog called Lose the Noose about propaganda, policy, and greed. Environmental topics are pretty frequent there nowadays. Also you will find that Hydrogen and Stupidity has a lot of content on the 'right' and values. CB focuses on reproductive rights, Intelligent Design, neocon rhetoric, and gay rights. I tend to rant about the environment some more there too. Good luck with your writing and hope I can find you again!
Keep at it!!!