Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stardust returns comet dust to Earth

Congratulations To NASA and the international scientists for successful return of Comet Dust to Earth

Screen shot from an old astronomy film and my flash.

The unmanned Stardust Mission has successfully returned it's sample of comet dust to Earth. This will help scientists explore cosmic questions about the formation of our solar system.

Asking cosmic questions brings the best out of humans.

Around the time of this great technical achievement, the news is also full of our failures here on Earth. A US missile hits house in Pakistan killing innocent people and missing the intended terrorist. Sometimes I feel like there is a war among fundamentalists. Traditional values "Christian capitalists," in the US, versus Islamic Fundamentalists.

I wish people would stop fighting over who has the best answers and look up at the stars more. Putting energy toward asking cosmic questions, with out already knowing the answers, is a step toward more peace in this world.

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