Sunday, July 16, 2006

Imagine a world with-out the Middle East

It seems like most of the bad news comes from the Middle East. Maybe the world would be better if that region didn't exist. Then again it might just mean other trouble spots would rise to the limelight.

Not only is the Middle East the source of most bad news, it's also a big source of oil; that addictive substance in civilization. Like pure sugar, it's bad for us.

I sometimes think that if sacred places and buildings in the Middle East were destroyed, the world could stop fighting over them. This may be an irresponsible attitude. Certainly there are innocent people and places there.

Normally, I like historic buildings, but maybe we could do with out many of those religious places that people keep fighting over. If those buildings turned to rubble, the world might do better with out them. And I believe in God. I just think too much fuss is going into sacred places that are man made.

Maybe the world could learn a lesson from this high school girl, I met, while she was working at an AM / PM Mini-mart in upstate New York.

This was during my 1991 bicycle tour across USA.

The little store was a world of throwaway items and plastic counters; in Upstate New York which is a bastion of American history. It was just an Exxon station, or something like that. All modern and sterile.

Across the street were some apartments with the number "1772" over the main door.

I was intrigued and ask the woman, "Were those apartments really built in 1772, or is that number just the street address?"

She just gave a quick laugh and said, "Built in 1772, I wouldn't be surprised !" "Those apartments look pretty old and crappy to me."

Then she was ringing up the next customer, like that history didn't really matter.

Maybe they had a crummy landlord also.

Smelly carpet?

It was my first time in Upstate New York and I thought "buildings built before the revolutionary war are kind of neat." We don't have things like that here in the state of Washington.

Of course many of the old temples and places of the Middle East are far older than that.

I don't feel like saying this often, but at times one needs to say (about old memories and baggage)

"Get over it."

This is especially true if it causes people to fight.


Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Question: What are the "holy lands" for three world religions?

Answer: Lands filled with bomb craters.

YonderMan said...

I dissagree with what you said, because why was there so much hype in the US when the twin towers were destroyed? They're just buildings so by your logic, people should just get over it and forget it.
your logic is flawed and your reasoning is wrong.

Anonymous said...

if you say so, so world without middle east means aorrld without holy places to christians.

Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Good to see dialog.

Yes the term "get over it" may be harsh. I apply this equally to all who are fighting in the name of religion, including Christianity. Anything that is "non negotiable," including even "the American way of life,." is problematic.

Actually I should say, "ways of life" as there is diversity with-in each country, whether their governments recognize that or not.

Any country based on only one religion is problematic as well. Islamic states and Israel as well as those who would want to make this country (USA) for one religion.