Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Cute Congressional Pages

Maybe they are making a bigger deal out of former Congressman Mark Foley's sexually explicit e-mails than they should.

On the other hand, it is kind of fun to watch the Republican power structure crumble over this; and just in time for November's election.

What should the reaction of a page be to such an e-mail?

How about a simple, "It's kind of flattering but I'm not into it."

Yes the nation, and it's media, wants to make a big deal over this. It's interesting to watch the Republicans crumble.

This, on top of a whole bunch of other things that are troubling parts of the Washington, D.C. scene; like Woodward's book revealing so many mistakes that the Bush administration made in Iraq.

Yes, it may be a "media frenzy," but I'm glad I was never a Republican.

Now I must take that back.

For a very brief time, while I was a freshman in high school, I said I was a Nixon supporter. This was mostly to gall my older sister who was set against the Vietnam War.

While long hair was the "peace activist," look I came home from the barber with a crewcut. Walking in the door, I found my sister talking on the phone to one of her "liberal" friends. She nearly dropped the phone in the cookie jar as she exclaimed, "my little brother just got this ugly haircut!"

My days as a Nixon (just to get back at my sister) supporter were short lived. This was all before anyone had even heard of Watergate.

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Anonymous said...

Like in the case of the former mayor of Spokane, these situations result from being in the closet.