Thursday, November 09, 2006

Finding the sin absolutely fascinating

Former Congressman Mark Foley, the former mayor of Spokane and now Pastor Ted Haggard - conservatives in the news with gay sex issues.

I once had a good talk with a pastor friend of mine. He was a liberal pastor. We were discussing the fundamentalist Christians who say, about gay people, that they, "love the sinner, but hate the sin."

Well, my pastor friend said, kind of jokingly, "what they really mean is this."

"Hate the sinner, but find the sin absolutely fascinating."

He was a liberal minister, himself. Not a fundamentalist.

On another, somewhat related note.

Hurray Democrats

I think everything, I voted for, passed this time. I voted a winning ballot for a change. People voted my way on the initiatives and also all the candidates, here in the 40th legislative district of Washington State.

Hurray Democrats.

Usually, my vote is against the tide. This time it was with the tide.

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Jennifer said...

I'm no Dem, but I am RELIEVED that they took back Senate/Congress. Now I am hoping they will do what they said they would.

I'm more fiscally and defense-wise moderate to conservative, but ethically and socially I am liberal, and that is why I cannot vote GOP and will NOT.