Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gay marriage is at least temporarily recognized in California

In Canada, gay marriage has been legal even federally for some time now. Has that society unraveled?

Canada may have even more civility and social cohesion than USA.

Canada is a good example of how things aren't falling apart, as far as I know at least. I live close to Canadian border. Canada looks pretty good.

I did hear on radio that California's new marriage law replaces language of bride and groom with "party A" and "party b."

Inclusive, but kind of barren sounding.

Maybe they should just add a few more words and say "bride and groom" or "bride and bride" or "groom and groom."

I've never planned to get married so it doesn't make a big difference to me. I'm glad people have the choice, but being single has some advantages also.

Variety in lifestyles, that creates a more diversified community.


Anonymous said...

Although it may seem barren and empty the main focus is the exception of marriage...The choice to do so makes CA a very inviting place to live!

I mean think of the tax breaks well thats if you have children a big house and own a business lol

Seriously though temporary c'mon thats like saying "I LOVE YOU" Or "I DO" and then taking it back...lol Wheres the sence in that !

Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Gay marriage is temporarily recognized in California by action of California State Supreme Court. I read there is a proposition on the up coming ballot in November to ad a ban on gay marriage to that state's constitution. It could overturn the court ruling. Hopefully that ballot measure will not pass.

Anonymous said...

You know I've seen this before i forgot what state implemented this strategy...the "bait and switch!"

Well heres the "bait" in order for the public to recognize the states interests in the matter they let it go through by way of the courts and then... smack it gets turn away and "switch" we are given an alternative
take this or nothing at all!