Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not putting all eggs in retirement basket

Economic news keeps getting scarier, but local business is still strong, around here at least. My job is going strong.

Glad I've done a lot of bike trips and put energy into hobby interests over the years. Some people look forward to these things in retirement, but it's good to enjoy them during one's work life as well.

Who knows what retirement will bring. Maybe just more work life.

I figure, some of my retirement is already under my belt so to speak.

Right out of college, I worked part time for many years. Looked for full time, but the recession that climaxed in early 1980s was gaining ground. Full time wasn't easily available. Then an upstairs neighbor talked about the virtue of balance between work and play. Rather than working too hard and then burning out and going on disability, or something, she talked about finding the balance. Could mean working part time.

After hearing her advice, I didn't look that hard for full time.

Finally in more prosperous times, I got a full time custodial position, but the job is fairly laid back. Having a nice boos is important. Also the job is within an easy walk from the room I rent. It even has a small retirement plan that's invested conservatively.

Who knows what the future will bring, but the past and the present has been OK. I've tried not to worry about money too much.

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