Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sunlit days and biking around

Early evening sun has unusual orange cast. Might be dust from Alaskan volcano? I ride up through the woods of Sehome Hill.

Like a Sunday drive with no gas consumption guilt. Instead, burning calories.

On another trip, I head to Ferndale and then back on the Nooksack River dike path. Highland Games is just winding down in Hovander Park. I climb tower and look down as vendors are starting to pack up. No cover charge arriving this late. Heard the last of the music. Stumbled upon this happening.

Below posted April 2009.

Barn at Hovander Park.

Litter in a wetland along South Bay Trail. Not what most environmentalists envision.

Saturday saw me bicycling from Bellingham to Mount Vernon. I wasn't even thinking I would make it as far as Mount Vernon or the Skagit Valley's "traffic clogged" tulip fields. I got a late start.

Went as far as north part of Mount Vernon. Through Burlington on sidewalk of "busy" Highway 99. Then turned around and headed back to Bellingham.

Things seen along the way, like flowering trees in people's yards, were the goal. I've been to the tulip fields other years.

Roads between here and Skagit County were quiet, but I could tell as soon as I got to the race track called Skagit Speedway that's along 99. Cars got more noisy. Vroom, vroom; mostly coming up from the south.

Coming back north, quiet returned as soon as I passed the race track entrance.

North of Burlington, I noticed a nice, new bike path along 99 for a ways. Just south of Chuckanut Drive crossing.

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