Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics in Vancouver

Nice to see Canada showcase to the world. A great democracy where even gay marriage is legal. Better than when China was showcased (2008 Olympics) amid all the controversy over human rights abuses.  China produced a really big show. Big and regimented.

Maybe even Canada's show was too big. I had no plans to go near it, even though Vancouver is just a bike ride away (60 miles) from my place in Bellingham, WA. Rumors of sold out, expensive hotels abound. I'm not much for hype and competition anyway.

I think humbug, but opening ceremonies at BC Place Stadium was impressive. Especially the dancing and that whole audience waving lights. An ocean of lights across the stands. Like a show of democracy, or at least audience participation.

On some summers, I've biked past BC Place Stadium.  Normally I think of the Olympics as being far away. 

No plans to go near it and glad that the hype and expense remains, for the most part north of our border. 

Still, the world can learn a lot from Canada.

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