Friday, February 19, 2010

Will people be bicycling in future centuries?

Bicycling wouldn't work for going between space colonies that may be built near the earth. Built as additions if our economy outgrows Earth.

Maybe people will bicycle within the environments of each space colony as well as still on Earth.

Also hard to say what humans will be like in several centuries. Will we still need exercise? Will our minds just be uploaded into computers and our lives be those of avatars interacting in cyberspace?

Still bicycling is pleasure even if one only need to take pills to tone a future body. Enjoyable like dancing is pleasure.

Hard to say whether this sort of artificial future will emerge, but in the present, bicycling is a wonderful way to get around here on Earth. Closer to what we remember as nature now. At least in the present and near future, bicycling is great.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone give me a website for a good route: Ohio border to Mackinaw City?

Stay safe out there!