Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bike To Work Day again in 2010

Yes, they did have great artwork for their poster in 2008 that they used again in 2010. Worth repeating. Image taken from one of their posters. Vince is a good artist.

May 21 is Bike to Work and School Day in Bellingham.

Also I have my own Bike to Work Day page with links to their info pages and my own customized Google Map for the more bicycle friendly Bellingham routes.

Hope the weather is OK, but it's a bit iffy this year. Forecast calls for scattered showers and sun breaks. Many will ride rain or shine. Also one can remember that any day can be a bike to work day except that May 21 is the day in 2010 when celebration stations are up at the party happens early that evening in Boundary Bay Brewery.

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