Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bicycling Point Whitehorn Road

Yes, much of the world is associating BP Oil and danger, but here it's just unstable cliffs they don't want you to scramble down.

From beside the road, this view at the top of those cliffs.

Point Whitehorn is a beautiful segment of road. Blocked off to motorized travel, but used for hikers, bicyclists and some dog walkers.

Highlight of the bike ride from Blaine to Bellingham that I took last Saturday.

Goes through buffer lands near BP's Cherry Point Refinery, yet it's still a break from the hubbub of traffic.

Mount Baker was visible that day.

Bike racks on the front of a WTA bus got my vehicle to Blaine and then I bicycled back.

Some of the roads I took were Drayton Harbor, Harberview and Birch Bay Drive to Point Whitehorn.

After crossing Grandview, there's a yellow gate where the car free section begins from the north. Soon the road turns a corner and becomes Aldergrove. Light traffic resumes after (I think) Gulf Road. Eventually I followed Kickerville, Rainbow, Mountainview and Lake Terrell Roads back to the south and east. Douglas got me to Ferndale with Labounty and Pacific Highway taking me back to Bellingham.

Thanks to co-operation of local industries and Whatcom County For the availability of Point Whitehorn Road.

More pictures from Point Whitehorn Road.

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