Monday, July 19, 2010

Bike sculpture along Snohomish Centennial Trail

Day 1 and 2

Back in Mount Vernon, I wanted to attend the meeting of Cascade Rainbow Center which is organized by some folks I know. I got there about the time they were leaving as it was a long way into town from Bayview State Park where I was camping. We had a good talk anyway, even though their official meeting was over.

One of the tires on my trailer was flat as I rode over a tack soon out of Bellingham. This met I had a flat tire most of the way to Mount Vernon. Not so bad if it's just one of the little trailer wheels.

After visiting with my friends and having something to eat, it was about midnight. The only place open to get bike supplies was Walmart. This became the first Walmart I've ever bought something at. Actually, I have gotten a few MP3 files from Walmart on line.

No, I'm not necessarily boycotting the place. Walmarts are usually located in places where biking is treacherous. Sprawlmart isn't a bad name.

The new Walmart in Mount Vernon is different. The road to that Walmart has good shoulders.

Inside, the greeters directed me to bike supplies which are in "toys." Yes, I guess much of mainstream culture still considers bikes toys. Well, bikes are fun.

I got what I needed and was back at the state park by 1 AM.

Day 3

My legs felt fine, but the bike was creaking. Sounded like the bottom bracket was tearing itself apart. This was supposed to be a new bike.

Wondering if I'm getting too old, mentally, to put up with these little hassles even though people bike tour well past retirement age.

No bike shop was visible from my route till I got to Greg's Greenlake Cycles in Seattle. They checked it out and found that there wasn't enough grease in the bearing. For only $16, they got it greased up and I was back on the road with a fresh mindset.

A creaking bike can make the whole trip feel like it's coming apart and I had barely started.

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mark said...

when something's creaking, you know friction is involved. and when friction is involved, you know that it's more than just psychologically a little harder to pedal.