Friday, July 23, 2010

Walking in the winter wonderland

Lake Tipso is there somewhere. Mostly frozen over and a winter wonderland on top of Chinook Pass. Somewhere over 5,000 ft.

About 50 degrees F. in the fog and lots of left over snow from earlier in the year that hasn't melted yet. Gives it a wintry look and feel

It's been a cool year and I got there earlier than last year. Still a lot of snow left from earlier in the year. A foggy, chilly day in the mountains, but no precipitation.

It's the most snow I've seen all year. We usually don't get much winter snow in Bellingham, but when I bike into the mountains in early summer it's winter like. Winter in July.

That was two days ago on Chinook Pass. Now It's summer again. I'm visiting friends in Yakima where it's predicted to hit 100 degrees F. in the next few days. Washington State is noted for diversity.

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