Monday, March 07, 2011

Biking up Sehome Hill over the years, If I'm slower, I don't notice since I don't have a stopwatch

A favorite hill climb of mine handy to where I live. I've ridden up there many times over the years since college back in the late 1970s.

Does it feel any different now? Not that I notice. I've never brought a stopwatch with me so I've never noticed how long it takes.

They say it's supposed to take longer as one gets older. Maybe it does, but I haven't ever timed it so I've never known the difference. It feels the same and it feels good. The "sports" mindset can spoil things. Maybe I'm a bit slower, but without the stopwatch it's hard to tell.

As for aces and pains, I haven't noticed that either. Most likely because I keep doing little trips like this. Most people aren't that motivated to keep doing the little trips. If they aren't winning the grand race, they aren't motivated. It's that sports mindset again.

Some folks workout on treadmills, but most modern treadmills track one's heart rate and speed with great accuracy. It's like bringing the stopwatch on the hill climb. Over the years one can chart inevitably declining numbers into the grave.

Still, I guess the treadmill is good if one is slowly charting improving numbers from couch potato to fitness.

Then there the news of the 16 year old high school basketball player who died after he made the winning basket. He died a hero while some of the rest of us just plod along.

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