Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The park I found on Facebook

Hidden behind showboat homes is Bellingham's Northridge Park. I discovered it from a message thread on Facebook where people were wondering why they never noticed it as they drove by. Someone mentioned walking the trails so I thought, easy to miss in "car-centric" culture. Maybe I can find it biking.

Thinking "trails" instead of "roads," it's more accessible. There's even this neat tunnel for a trail that goes under Barkley Boulevard near the top of the hill. I knew about the tunnel, but never bothered to venture north into the park, until yesterday when I read about it on Facebook.

Why not call it Facebook Park?

Yes, there's quite a bit up there. Trails, wetlands bridges.

Turns out, according to what I saw on Facebook, a lot of those neighbors in the showboat homes are reluctant to have the park be that accessible. You know, people like that can be paranoid. The land was bought in early 1990s and Bellingham Parks Department has discussed providing more obvious signage, parking and even restrooms. Some of the neighbors have resisted that idea so the park remains somewhat obscured. Meanwhile trails have been developed and I saw quite a few users in the park. Folks out walking and some joggers from nearby Squalicum High School.

Learn a new thing every day.

Kind of hidden from those who zoom by on Barkley, but not so hidden to trail users. Tunnel below.

Larger entrance sign hidden on a dead end street called Woodside Way at north end of park.

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