Thursday, December 22, 2011

About the only thing I do for Christmas is bike around town enjoying Christmas lights

It can feel like being on the outside looking in, but at least I'm missing the rat race. Biking around town after traffic calms down reveals quite a colorful show. That's the main thing I've done for the holidays so far.

In Bellingham, it seems like the most fantastic displays are on dead end streets, in keeping with Bellingham's theme "City of subdued excitement." It's almost like Bellingham tries to hide its flamboyance.

Not necessarily the most spectacular lights of the lot, but a nice sampling.

Under the tree; new cars.

With imagination one could think of the bright blue lights as looking like the Pleiades star cluster that I often admire in astronomy pictures.

Looking forward to dancing on the Solstice. Quite a few dancing events in Bellingham tonight.

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