Saturday, December 03, 2011

Some pictures of December 2 lighted bike parade in Bellingham

During the Christmas season, there is the lighted boat parade. Why not have a lighted bike parade? Such an event happened in Bellingham December 2 2011. Coincided with the monthly Gallery Walk which takes place around downtown Bellingham on the first Friday of each month.

Lots of folks dress up and decorate around the holiday season. At the same time, many bikes don't have lights and can be a safety hazard. Why not decorate bikes with lights? A way to show off and also be lit up for safety. More folks will see your bike than your Christmas tree that's hidden behind a living room curtain.

Back wheel of my bike.


Lighted sculptures. A "light person" in foreground. Tent around where another rider sits in background.

Good sized turnout at starting point in front of Public Market on Cornwall Ave.

Under the streetlights.
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