Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whatcom County ride listening to the Punjabi station

Bike ride on a beautiful day with a different twist. Here's a picture of Mount Baker with zoom lens and a radio tower. It's the radio station in Ferndale. 1550 on the AM dial. Broadcasts in Punjabi and plays music from India.

Why in Ferndale? There was a station for sale a few years back in Ferndale and an outfit jumped on the opportunity to have a station in that location, close enough to Surrey, BC. to beam Punjabi programming into Surrey's large Indian audience.

I sometimes listen, here in Bellingham as I like Indian music; for a while at least. Sounds like Bollywood.

Today, I listened as I peddled. Got as far west as Douglas and Lake Terrell Roads before turning back to Bellingham.

A few more of the towers of KRPI pictured below. Located near the east end of Douglas Road.

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Someone out there said...

I always figured that they were in the States to get around the law requiring radio stations to have a minimum amount of Canadian content. There are Canadian bhangra bands but not very many. Not enough to satisfy the requirement.