Friday, June 29, 2012

Cut, cut , cut Congress' bark louder than it's bite

Just in the nick of time, even Republican controlled House Of Representatives didn't allow the cuts to happen that would have doubled interest rates on student loans and brought a lot of highway construction to a halt. Talk of cuts sound good until they actually hit the people dependent on those things. Meanwhile, tax cuts stay in place so we continue adding to deficit.

I'm not against these needed programs and it is interesting to note that even the Tea Party Republican Congress steps back from the political abyss of pulling the plug on constituents.

Tax cuts tend to be "front loaded" (cut the taxes now) while spending cuts tend to be "back loaded" (kick the can down the road several years before cuts go into effect). This interest rate increase for student loans was passed 5 years ago, according to news I have read, but just before actually coming to pass, they backed off.

Even Tea Party Republicans tend to have trouble saying "screw you" to the American people, except in general terms like saying, "cut government." It's easy to say cut government while government is a theoretical entity, but when specific cuts hit people, like students, who have votes, it's a lot harder.

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