Monday, June 11, 2012

Exposing children to junk food advertising may be worse than exposing children to nudity

Disney corporation has recently anounced that it plans to phase out junk food advertising in the parks and media outlets it manages by the year 2015. Seems like a good idea. It's suggested that other corporations could make this voluntery decision as well.

I got to thinking that society expends a lot of effort trying to protect children from being exposed to public nudity. Also, of course, pornography while these things are legal for consumption by adults. Supposedly, this is to protect vulnerable children from psychological harm. Well, what about junk food advertising that may contribute to uncontrolled lifelong desire for eating poorly? Corrupting children to a life of obesity.

Seems like much of the marketing that children have been exposed to is possibly more harmful than nudity, at least. What harm would nudity cause? A life of heightened and uncontrollable sexual desire?

Seems like we have taken a lot of things for granted in society. Junk food advertising, for instance. Then people get real worried about other things, like nudity.

Is nudity really that harmful, or is junk food advertising harmful as well as many other things we take for granted? Interesting to ponder these questions.

At least in the area of junk food, I'm glad to see more concern about the potential of harm. Nudity; maybe it's less of a worry than people have thought in the past.

Social norms keep changing with the times.

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