Monday, August 20, 2012

Republicans back off from cut, cut, cut Medicare

Now the Republican spin doctors are saying they wouldn't cut the 700 billion dollars that supposedly Obama would cut. Are Republicans saying they would spend more on Medicare? More on the military, but not raise taxes? So much for reducing the deficit.

My head spins with all the numbers being thrown around anyway. Like get this. Republicans say they wouldn't change Medicare for folks over 55. Well, nobody knows who is going to be over 55 when changes get implemented anyway. It can take years to get stuff through the process so today's college students may be over 55 before long. It's all a moving target.

Still there is the problem of making Medicare sustainable. It is hard to beat Medicare for efficiency of insurance paper shuffle. Medicare has a higher percent of dollars actually going to health care rather than administrative overhead. Higher than private insurers, so I hear.

Where there really needs to be change is where few politicians like to look; in the lifestyles of the American people. Reducing overall medical costs with better lifestyles and less obesity. Also less obesity in doctor and and insurance company executive pay.

Obesity and demographics, that's what's challenging the sustainability of our Medicare program. Things that just reorganizing the plan doesn't really address.

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Nikki said...

Most of the people main priority to medicare services, So why they are cutting down.

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