Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seattle seems too busy today

After some time in Bellingham, I start heading south. First night out at a friend's farm near Lake Samish to watch meteor showers, then an 80 mile day to Everett. A lovely day. Then on south of Seattle.

Now having rode well south of Seattle to Tukwila just because every hotel I checked on-line was full. I checked 3. Then decided to make reservation at closest Extended Stay, since I was at one in Everett. Best one for cost and not being booked was Tukwila. Tomorrow, I ride back up into Seattle to catch the afternoon train out. Seems like a waste, but I did want to go on a bike trip.

It's mid week. Why are things so full in Seattle? Lots of construction for one reason. Things torn up. Obstacle course to get through. A "blue state" economic engine. Seattle seems to be doing business. Blue state innovation. Home for many information age corporations like Microsoft and Amazon, but the downside is, it's busy.

Mount Rainier looms over South Center Mall in Tuckwilla.

I stepped inside South Center for the first time. Have heard about it for years, but never had occasion to go there.

Most of Seattle area is quite bicycle friendly, but near this motel is South Center Mall. It was king of Washington State malls even back in the 1970s. It's huge, but now has a somewhat less happy reputation. Still basically a big mall. Remembered more recently for the rare occasion when a gang shooting, or something, happened there. I decided to take a look since I've never been there. Hard to find how to get to it by bike or walking. Few crosswalks. I finally made it, stepped inside and then left. Now I can say I've been there. It's kind of like a big monster.

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