Thursday, November 22, 2012

Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Old Town Cafe

It was nice to have a place to go for Thanksgiving. Each year, the Old Town Cafe serves a free Thanksgiving Dinner. It's a Bellingham tradition. Volunteers do a lot of the work, musicians preform, a wide variety of people come together for dinner.

I met someone, or at least got a chance to talk to someone I had met earlier at Purple Church dance. It created an opportunity for conversation. Quite a few familiar faces there.

A nice alternative to family Thanksgiving traditions; especially when other family members are hundreds of miles away.

Now I'm noticing that there are more businesses open on Thanksgiving. Not necessarily those jumping the cue on "Black Friday," but little convenience shops, places like the downtown Starbucks and some other restaurants. It's nice to give employees a day of rest, but also, as our society evolves away from everyone having a family, there are more places to go and things to do. Places where people connect.

A Bellingham Herald article today.

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