Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nascar race for Google cars?

The thought just crossed my mind. Google's driver less cars driving themselves in a race. What a concept.

A train of thought that led me there was thinking about the problems of bicycle racer Lance Armstrong. His wins have been disqualified from Tour De France races due to accusations of unnatural and technological things done to the body that provide an unfair advantage.

I hear that race officials are having trouble establishing who did legitimately win those races since the second, third, and so forth cyclists may have been doped as well.

Should they just drop those rules and have the Tour De France be a match of technology, rather than a match of the pristine human body? There's another kind of racing called Nascar where the power comes from machine rather than human. There's still the driver, however. The skill of the driver.

Wait a minute. We can eliminate the driver also. Have a Nascar race for driver less Google cars. Then, maybe it's the skill of the programmers who design the driver software. Eventually, it will all be the machines.

That's my foray into talking about sports.

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