Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two acts of mass violence in schools on planet Earth around the same time

No one died, but many hurt. Early Friday there was a madman with a knife attacking children and adults at a school in China. Same day as the mass shooting in an American school; the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Knife attack in Chinese school. The attack in the Henan province village of Chengping happened shortly before 8 a.m., said a police officer from Guangshan county, where the village is located.

In USA, the outcome was a lot worse where guns were involved. America's loose gun laws may not be the only factor, but one of the factors why the violence can be worse in USA. I'm for some compromise at least. Some regulation and registration of firearms, but not necessarily "taking them away" as so many folks fear. The founding fathers (fathers back then), who wrote the Second Amendment, weren't thinking about the kind of weapons we have today; machine guns and so forth.

The violent crime rate is going down on a per capita basis overall in USA during recent times, but we could still do better.

More mental health care, less dog eat dog world and a lot of things would help also.

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