Saturday, March 02, 2013

Sequester cuts are not worse than regular, permanent cuts proposed to avoid sequester

People are mad at politicians for the sequester cuts, but one alternative is also cuts; the more permanent budget cuts that Republicans (and some Democrats) call for. Cuts are cuts.

Maybe the sequester isn't that bad compared to the other cuts that Obama could agree on to avoid the sequester; permanent cuts that mostly Republicans want, but Congress hasn't really come up with a cohesive budget; except for maybe the famous Ryan Budget. The sequester may not be worse than a regular budget with permanent cuts. Sequester is across the board and a bit hard to swallow due to it's rigid "across the board" nature, but cuts are hard to swallow in any form they take.

The sequester tries to balance cuts between military and domestic things like Medicare, but Republicans would rather cuts be focused more on Medicare so they can spare the military from cuts. However we cut it, it's going to hurt if we have to cut the budget.

At least the Republicans are getting more of the blame than the President, at the moment, but all politicians are getting an earful.

So many Americans say, "cut, but don't cut what I depend on."

Speaking of earful and cuts, politics can seem crazy at times. I remember hearing about artist Van Gogh cutting off an ear. Are we shooting our economic recovery in the foot?

Sequester is probably about as good as this Congress can do if they want to cut the budget, but many people question the desirability of cutting the budget at this time.

Is it hurting yet? Remember the old phrase, "if your neighbor is out of work, it's a recession, but if you are out of work, it's a depression." Cuts are never pretty as someone always needs the money whether it's medicare patients, veterans, the military, disaster relief or whatever. No matter how they piece it together, there isn't any good way to put a smiley face on it. Cuts are cuts, so I guess if we must have cuts, the sequester is that, like it or not.

Big cuts spur calls congress irate constituents.

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