Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bellingham Pride parade and festival 2006

Bellingham's Fourth Corner Pride Festival was good. June 4 2006. Downtown at Depot Market Square, also known as the farmer's market structure. Sometime between noon and 5 PM around 1,000 folks dropped by. The Herald said hundreds. One person, I talked to, said 1,200. Maybe it was 900? What ever. A big turn out anyway. Also featured in June 5th Bellingham Herald.

Besides many folks from various lgbt walks of life, there were people from the general public who also stopped by. It's getting to be more of a respected "Bellingham event." Next year, folks say "the city" will be among the co-sponsors, what ever that means.

It should.

Many organizations, such as PFLAG, Evergreen Aids Foundation as well as a lot of individuals pool together to make this a success. Even my web page and Yahoo Group makes it's mark. Thanks to the many folks who attend, and some heard about it on my sites.

I hear that "Pride Festival" was the first "non Farmer's Market" event to use the new facility called Depot Market Square. They were still finishing things up around the edges. Construction machinery was evident behind fences.

Last year, the pride festival was at Blodel Donovan Park and several years back, the mayor was one of the speakers proclaiming our legitimacy; also stumping for the "gay vote."

Each year glbt folks, and friends, become more recognized in our city.

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