Monday, January 18, 2016

Ways to keep a fishing economy and not deplete the ocean

I hear from a friend (while conversing) that some areas in Scotland and Scandinavia have bought out their commercial fishing industries and just allow sport fishing now. The fisheries were getting fished out. He says it's a win win situation all around. The ocean isn't being as depleted, but the local economies are even making more money from tourism than they did from commercial fishing before. Just cater to wealthy sport fishing folks who also stay in local hotels and so forth. Win win?

Then I thought, someone is probably losing. It can't be all win win. How about the multitudes of folks needing to eat the fish that commercial fishing produces? What will they eat? Then I thought of the answer before asking the question.

Fish farming. The multitudes of folks, who buy fish at the supermarket, can rely on fish from fish farms. I know that fish farming has it's drawbacks also.

My friend's response was, "or there should be more gay people." Yes, he knows me and my thoughts on population growth. Ultimately, less people needing to eat is the best way to protect the oceans. Less people having too many children at least.

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