Monday, February 15, 2016

Story Corps interview after disruption of Bernie Sanders 2015 presentation in Seattle

The woman associated with Black Lives Matter who disrupted Bernie Sander's presentation in Seattle in summer of 2015 tells her story on NPR Story Corps. She described what it felt like jumping onto that stage, having the audience boo and so forth. Through her eyes, a personal experience.

Sometimes, tho, I "personally" think we humans can be our own worse enemies. Are we shouting down our own side or is even Bernie Sanders out of touch?

I know that the right wing also has it's factions and squabbles so that reduces my worry when I see the left squabbling. The right isn't necessarily a unified front either. Who's ever side it is, anger can be a destroying force; as in circular firing squad.

Interesting to hear her story on Story Corps anyway.

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