Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Ted Cruz's french fry promise might lead to more need for Medicaid

Advocate of personal responsibility, the Republican Party's current front runner Ted Cruz wants to bring french fries back to school cafeterias. Not that healthy a food habit to learn and then he will likely complain about Medicaid costs down the road. Well, maybe a total ban on french fries is draconian but a smarter politician would suggest just eating a few. Yes, french fries have lots of unhealthy fats, but just a few isn't necessarily the end of the world; especially if one gets plenty of exercise. Burn the calories.

I occasionally enjoy a small cheeseburger. It hits the spot and most importantly it is small. Problem with french fries is that they are so cheap to make and easy to store that they are not only a kid's delight, but also a cafeteria manager's easy solution. Too easy, think food corporate culture. It's hard to control the greasy slippery slope to too many french fries. Like in that old Lays Potato Chip advertisement, you can't only eat one.

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