Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is Queer, Millennial Privilege a Thing? Or is there just a need for more connected community overall?

Article about young people being not that appreciative of older activists who have blazed the trail to better times. My own thoughts below that I posted on Facebook with the article. I put this thinking in my blog also.

Seems like there is more separation of ages in the gay community than in other areas where activism happens; such as environmentalists, for instance. Maybe there isn't a gay community anyway. Just somewhat isolated gay people in each generation. People that don't have a lot in common for many reasons including political interests, wealth, age and so forth. There needs to be more connections and community among gay people. This would also include connection between generations. One of the problems may be how much energy people put into their romantic relationships versus other more varied friendships. It takes a network of friendships to create community. Also apathy is a problem. We all need to look past just our own self interest to the larger world beyond us.

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