Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This is what I might want to say to members of Anglican Church of North America

My understanding is that Anglican Church of North America is made up of more conservative churches that have broken away from American Episcopal Church in part because of the Episcopal Church's more liberal attitude toward gay people. It's more aligned with the Anglican Churches of Nigeria.

Overpopulation, discrimination against women and gay people may lead to the ruin of many countries in the world, like Nigeria where population is expected to surpass the US within a few decades; Nigeria having far less land area than US. Bigotry, famine and war could make much of the world like Syria. People are talking about the situation in Syria as partially related to climate change and drought. An increasingly crowded world. Hope it doesn't get that bad, but who knows.

Other parts of the world could still flourish but increasingly face; like in Europe, the refugee dilemma with overwhelming numbers of people knocking on the door.

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