Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Why it's hard to cut federal spending. It's the lifeline for a lot of people.

Congressman Paul Ryan being grilled by a Fox News commentator about the huge deficit. Spending is still high. Of course the military got a big increase. He considers the recent disaster relief bill to be "temporary spending." I would say there's always disasters every year, however. He would like to reduce spending by cutting things like Medicaid. I would say that people are dependent on those things, like the 49% of pregnancies that are on Medicaid, so I read. Maybe they should just distribute the morning after pill since it's cheaper than bringing a child into this world.

I don't think they can cut the spending. Things like Medicaid and Medicare are the life blood to a lot of people. Life blood to a lot of constituents. There's always some disaster that they can't just turn their backs on; possibly more disasters, going forward, due to climate change.

Domestic spending is the price we pay for public safety and a civil society. They will need to stop kidding themselves and plan for it. Less tax cuts for the rich.

Maybe society can live cheaper, but Republicans don't talk about what really needs to be discussed, like the morning after pill. If medicine is too expensive, get more people to ride bicycles and eat better diets. Go to the doctor less. The private sector doesn't provide health insurance for a large percentage of our population which means its up to the government to provide for the needs of a lot of people.

Tax cuts for the rich? For the most part I would guess that is not helping the economy. It mostly goes to the idle rich. A few entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk, do invest in things that can help; like Elon's idea to help Puerto Rico turn the lights back on after the disaster by going around traditional power distribution and using more decentralized solar power. Hey, Republicans, I guess we have to do things differently. The old American way of doing business is at a dead end.

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