Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Flirtatious bicycling

I think about the many gay events I've ridden my bicycle to over the years. Faerie gatherings, camp outs and so forth. Places where there was fun and flirtatious conversation. Also serious conversation, but the majority trended toward the lighter and more playful type. Arriving by bike becomes a good conversation starter. I've often thought that it might help promote healthy lifestyles as lots of people, in these settings, haven't ridden a bike in years. In many cases, the people at these gatherings are a bit out of shape, but they often have fond memories of playfulness in their youth.

I'm also thinking about the high school reunions I've biked to.

At many of these events, I see some results of our consumerist culture. Quite a few folks have lived sedentary lifestyles from behind the wheel of automobiles for many years. Especially at the Faerie Gatherings, it seems like drug use has taken its toll. In much of society, alcohol, drug use and the stress of meeting day to day work and family obligations takes its toll.

I have visions of a somewhat different kind of culture. One that would fit well with a lower carbon footprint. More active lifestyles, less effort devoted to striving for the mcmansion. The appeal of a lighter footprint and healthier lifestyle.

Some people might say it's like being a Peter Pan who never quite grows up in the way that the mainstream of this culture does. It's an alternate road that could make lowering the carbon footprint more palatable, tho at the same time I do realize that the main road to lowering the footprint goes through technology. Solar energy, for instance. There's got to be many valid roads to a lower carbon footprint. Different roads for different people.

Thinking about this as Bellingham's naked and nearly naked bike ride is getting closer. June 1. It draws quite a bit of public interest. Likely more interest than a serious lecture. I wonder what long term effect things like this have at nudging a few folks toward getting out more. Getting out and mingling. Partying, but partying in healthy ways. Putting energy into something different than just struggling to build up one's material assets.

Here's the poster they've designed for 2018.

Here's a link to an art piece, think piece about these rides in various places that I created for my Flickr album.

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