Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Disband the police? Isn't that what Mitch McConnell wants to have happen? Let local government go bankrupt?

Disband the police? We do need public safety of some sort. In Minneapolis, they are talking about "disbanding the police as we know it." Coming up with a "reinvented" safety system. The concept of Restorative Justice has some useful things to say about reform of incarceration at least.

Remember, it wasn't that long ago that conservatives; like Senator Mitch McConnell, were talking about not helping municipal governments. Just letting state and local government go bankrupt; police and all.

I also remember conservatives saying, "end Medicare as we know it." Easier said than done. Without the local police, it could be worse if the military comes in to fill the vacuum. Worse if private militias and gangs gain more influence.

On the other hand, there are many good ideas for reform. Here in Bellingham, WA. there has been a lot of talk about something called "Restorative Justice." I'm not sure how that effects police work, but it has a lot to say about alternatives to incarceration. Personally, I have had no problem with the police. I hear that police, in this area, are quite nice compared to some other areas, but I would guess not everyone has a rosy opinion about the local police.

My gentile lifestyle has had no problem with the police. I am kind of an eccentric. In many ways, I don't fit mainstream society, but the police have not been a problem.

Some folks would accuse me of speaking from a position of privilege being white. I do have my perspective and I can't pretend to have another perspective tho my perspective does evolve with time.

Remember, there is also the privilege of being male. Attitudes about public safety could be different between men and women given the higher vulnerability of women.

In recent years, I've tended to become fairly trusting of people. Not worrying that much about who's hiding in the bushes; so to speak. Then there is the question of labor unions. The news is saying that one of the biggest obstacles, to the cause of police reform, are police unions.

The prospect of reforming society is exciting. Reforming all of society beyond just the police. Creating a more equitable society. Hopefully we can navigate these dreams, with the potential pitfalls, okay.

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