Thursday, February 11, 2021

Are politicians the swamp, or maybe they are just swamped. So many emails they can't answer so it looks like they aren't listening.

I got to thinking about terms that have more than one connotation. There is the "swamp" as in draining the swamp. Supposedly there is a swamp in Washington, DC, but there is another connotation of swamp, or actually, "being swamped." That might explain why it seems like politicians don't listen to the "people." They are swamped with too many emails so they usually don't have time to write a personal email back to constituents, unless they are very local politicians who work on a smaller scale.

The other term I thought of with more than one connotation is "echo chamber." An echo chamber can be folks who only want to deal with people who agree with their politics, such as in the "filter bubble" defriending mechanism on Facebook.

Another connotation of echo chamber is an argument that can beak out between opposing points of view as anger and accusations ping pong back and forth; like in an echo chamber, amplifying the outrage.

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