Friday, February 12, 2021

Impeachment may not find serious letter of law violations given the makeup of Senate, but cultural lessons should be learned. What happens when one foments hatred?

I've been listening to talk, on the BBC from London (via NPR), about the impeachment trial today. News inspiring my own thinking.

Seems like this is more of a cultural learning experience. What happens, in society, when people foment anger, finger pointing, hatred and so forth? Why do people keep going down that road?

Was the letter of the law severely broken? Is the Senate, with it's politics and rules, able to really function as a jury to decide this?

More important than the outcome of the impeachment trial was the 2020 election, of course. Donald Trump is no longer the president. Democrats made gains in the Senate, but barely by the skin of Kamela Harris's teeth; so to speak.

Whatever happens, I think Trump is still in a lot of trouble. He hasn't been pardoned and even if he were, a pardon doesn't cover all his legal issues. New York State is after him; for instance.

Meanwhile I think it's important for us to look at ourselves in the mirror. Things like the Capitol Insurrection should give us pause. I'm critical of hatred and violence on both the left and the right, but the Capitol Insurrection seems to be the grand daddy of it all.

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