Saturday, November 13, 2021

If infrastructure enabled folks to give up the car, it could reduce, rather than inflate, the cost of living.

Inflation does seem to be back and now some Republicans are saying that this is not the time to dump more money into the economy with Biden's "Build Back Better" #2 infrastructure bill.

Some things in that bill could help, like the building of more affordable housing and support of public transportation.

Housing prices have been going up for a long time and people are now grumbling about gas prices. For some folks, car ownership is a bad idea. Anything that can reduce the car commute, such as public transit or housing that is closer to the job, would save money and also help reduce the carbon footprint.

Maybe they should sell infrastructure that way.

Maybe not for everyone, but for some folks, just getting rid of the damn car altogether could save a lot of expense on gas, insurance, car payments and repair bills. It could reduce the carbon footprint as well.

Some other parts of Biden's bill might be harder to justify, but who knows.

They say there is a shortage of workers, in part, because there is a shortage of daycare.

Okay, more money for daycare, but here is one problem I haven't heard discussed yet.

Much of the cost of daycare goes to liability insurance. Be careful about anything around children. The lawyers are circling like vultures. They are ready to pounce with law suites if anything goes even slightly wrong. Be careful if extra money just feeds "deep pocket theory."

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