Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Long lines at polling places in some states decreases right to vote, but Washington State has done much better.

Biden is pushing for laws to preserve voter access today. I'm not following this issue closely, but got to thinking that we are pretty fortunate, here in Washington State. We have mail in voting rather than cumbersome polling places one has to stand in line at for voting.

Some states still have the old polling systems. For years, I keep hearing news about long waits at the polls in other states. Waits so long that voting becomes difficult and many working people have to choose between casting their vote or making a living.

Even when we did have the polling places, here in Washington, I don't remember long waits. We seem to have a better voting system than a lot of other states even back when we had polling places.

Other states need to fix those problems in their state or I agree, the Federal Government will need to step in to preserve access to the ballot.

Then there is the whole problem of gerrymandering. Another big topic.

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