Wednesday, March 30, 2022

If there is a spiritual realm, it's likely very different from the claims that religions have made for thousands of years.

Here is a common question. Why would there be such a diversity of Christians who worship the same all-powerful deity? Why would so many of them be contradicting each other not to mention the other religions in this world as well?

My answer would be. There is a big difference between what reality actually is and what various traditions and people think reality is. Even if there is something akin to a spiritual realm, our limited perceptions of that truth's nature are likely very different than what that reality actually is.

Even traditional beliefs that have been held for thousands of years could be wrong. Just because they have stood the test of time doesn't mean they could stand the test of science. Modern science is fairly new so beliefs held for thousands of years, before science, could easily be debunked by something new and much more accurate; modern scientific evidence.

The concept of the sun going around the earth stood the test of time longer than the concept of the earth going around the sun, but the second concept has better stood the test of modern science.

Seems like many of our old beliefs, that have been dividing us for centuries, do need to be discarded.

If there is a spiritual reality, which I still believe is possible, we've had it pretty much wrong for all of human history. What reality is and what our perceptions of what reality is are likely to be quite different.

There still is a lot more that we can learn.


Bad religion does more to kill people's belief in God than does science
My article in April 2022 The Betty Pages.

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