Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Printing that trillion dollar coin to keep government open points out that money is, basically, just an accounting tool. It's not that real.

Debt ceiling debate keeps coming up. Seems like we never have been able to make significant cuts in federal spending. Too many people and important things are dependent on that money.

I think if Republicans were to float a "trial balloon" budget, it would be shot down by the public sooner than China's so called weather balloon.

The idea of printing a trillion dollar coin has come up again as well. A way for the government to get around this impasse. "Just print a coin." "Deposit it in the treasury and say it's worth a trillion dollars."

Biden Administration is, so far, rejecting this idea and still opting for Congress to raise the debt ceiling in a normal manner.

That trillion dollar coin brings up the idea of how money is, basically, an artificial concept.

I think we place too much emphasis on money. The idea that we might be able to just define a coin to be worth a trillion dollars points that out. Money is a construct of the human race.

I think we still need money as it's a tool, but it's not a god.

Money allows us to keep track of things. I have a friend who thinks money would be abolished in an ideal society. He is pretty idealistic and he envisions a society where goods and services would just be provided out of the desire of people to help one another and create a civil society. That is a nice thought.

On the other hand, I think we still need money to some extent. Lots of complex things rely on math and money is a strong tool for doing the math.

For instance, when we build a large building, counting the money allows us to measure how much labor and materials we need. It helps us figure out if the building will pencil out from the use it provides. Money and math helps us calculate risk, insurance premiums, leases, retirements and so forth.

Still it seems like money has become too important in people's lives.

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