Saturday, October 02, 2004

Dialog About The War From Canada Side Of Border

I tuned in for a few minutes of the Ideas show on CBC Radio. Heard two folks discussing Iraq war. One seemed somewhat in favor of invasion while the other was against. The "in favor guy" sounded clear and articulate, to me, while I don't really remember the point the "opposed guy" was trying to make.

Ironically, a story told by the pro invasion person caused me to think of the war as a failed policy.

He spoke of traveling around in Iraq meeting many folks who were happy to see American troops depose Saddam Hussein. One young man expected Hussein to be deposed and then he could get a ticket to immigrate out. He wants a better life for his family. Out somewhere. The speaker suggested, to the comfortable audience of Canadians, "maybe Canada." "Or maybe USA." Someplace besides Iraq.

Now, some good natured North Americans are getting nervous.

He said many Iraqis are disappointed. They expected miracles from the Americans.

He even joked that the Iraqis might be disappointed that America hasn't done anything about their hot summers.

I say, "We can't even prevent our own hurricanes."

Who is making all these promises to the Iraqis?

Are they watching Hollywood TV?

Can we even deliver on promises made to our own, American, people?

What will happen to the many families, in that part of the world, with 8, or so, kids?

We may not be up to this task.

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hear, hear :)