Monday, March 13, 2006

Meditations after the Dubai ports deal news

Staying right here close to home.

Many folks seem to be uncomfortable with things becoming so global. Still, more and more business and the economy is global.

How about vacation? There's eco-tourism, but there is also bike touring right here at home.

By co-incidence, I happened to be corresponding with someone living in the United Arab Emirates just as the Dubai Ports World / USA deal was hitting the news. Since then, that deal has been called off.

Interesting coincidence.

I don't think my correspondent was involved. He was working for some corporation over there. Related to the oil industry, most likely. He's from the US, but was over there for work.

He was writing me for vacation. For information and inspiration about bicycle touring. Was planning to return to USA and do a bicycle tour. Possibly return to living in USA.

I enjoy getting a few inquiries, each month, to my bicycle touring pages. This one just happened to be from the UAE.

He recently wrote that it is difficult to find bicycle attire in UAE. There are not that many people interested in bicycling or touring as there are in the USA and other places. Too many spoiled foreigners who cherish their large SUV's and don't like get out of an Air-Conditioned environment long enough to enjoy the outdoors and the glory of nature. He was looking forward to the peaceful expanse of nature and all that awaits seeing it from the slow lane of life, upon returning to USA.

Yes, I can imagine. Because of the ports deal, the radio has been filled with talk-documentaries about Dubai.

Basically "Dubai 101."

Interesting, but from what the radio says, it sounds like life in the "shopping mall city." Climate controlled, corporate. Then a rather harsh desert outside.

Many parts of the good ol' USA can be great for bike touring.

I have to admit, except for Canada, I have never ventured out of USA. I am sure there are some parts of the world that are nice, but it is fun to start my adventures from my own door. I have never been on an "eco-tour" to far parts of the world, but bicycling in my home town can be like an eco-tour just outside my door.

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