Monday, January 07, 2008

Lights out in part of Bellingham

Opportunity for a different perspective on some familiar locations.

Bellingham Herald Building in the dark. Like the newspaper being in the dark, but they did get their January 7 edition out.

Must be a headlight from parking lot across street shining in left window.

Auto parts store lit up by car headlights.

Bellingham Food Co-op at corner of Forest and Holly. Some traffic lights were still working as they were on a different circuit.

For a few blocks, that outage lasted several hours. Not Y2K.

Remember Y2K?

A line came down feeding some substation. I notice they have been working on a few substations recently. Must be doing some upgrades. This day's weather was normal.

My workplace was out of power, but I was able to do some cleaning with the LED headlights from my bicycle. They slide off the handlebar mounts and work like flashlights.

It was a memorable day. Day of the downtown power outage.

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