Thursday, August 14, 2008

Throwing down the bronze

I wanted the gold said Ara Abrahamiam as he threw down the bronze medal awarded during 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 2nd best, 3rd best, not enough. The bar, and expectations have gotten so high.

That's the problem with high stakes sports. Probably the rest of us are all losers since most wouldn't even qualify for the Olympics.

We're "over the hill." If you don't start training insanely at age 10, being in the Olympics is probably a pipe dream.

That would make a good book title.

"Over The Hill at Ten."

It's time to slow down a bit and enjoy the often overlooked pleasures of life.

Someone told me that Michael Phelps (US swimmer) started training at age 7. Did he have time for a childhood?

That someone also said he sure has a sexy body. I hadn't noticed yet. I don't have a TV. I do notice lots of sexy bodies around town. Just in the supermarket, parks, post office line. This is a college town.

People say that watching pornography is like unrequited love. Often overweight older men watching young studs.

That's OK if watching the Olympics is OK.

Sitting in front of the media, with no hope to actually participate.

What ever floats you're boat.

At the risk of being "second rate," I'll go out and ride my bike. No medals expected, but there might be some cute college studs to swim among out at the lake.

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